Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blog Abandoned

Hello all six people who follow, or were following my blog. I apologize sincerely for not being on here in however longs its been...which is reallly long. I took to writing in a physical journal, several of them, and trying to save money by not going on the internet as much. Consequently, this blog went unattended for some time.

My apologies.

A lot. A lot has happened since I last wrote. I'm not sure how long it was, but I had a birthday here in Cape Town, one of the best ones of my life I'd have to say. I spent the night at a popular club at the top of the ABSA building in the city bowl called "hemisphere". There I rang in 21, and then went home to start my first twenty four hours of my 21st year. I spent the day at a book store down town with my friend Kate. We had coffee and talked for a few hours, then headed back. When i got home, all my friends and housemates from the area came over for a potluck dinner for my birthday. After dinner we did the birthday tradition Sarah Gatti introduced into my life a few years ago. It was incredible. I had an awesome time.

Life here as sped up academically, and that is most definitely the most frustrating part. It's really hard to do everything you want to do while having 4000 word essays due on subjects you don't really care about. The problem is you'll spend hours and hours churning out a really bad paper, turn it in, and get an A. It ends up feeling utterly worthless because there is absolute not gratification. It feels like wasted hours.

Financially things are frustrating. I don't know if I wrote about Spring Break at all. I don't think I did. That is a post all on its own, which I'll have to get to soon, but that tweleve days of my life drained my bank account significantly and left me with a very frugal life style for the remaining two months. I have been spending my money on coffee, groceries, and transportation only as of late. In some ways it is very exciting, a new challenge, in others it is frustrating, because one wants to make the most of the last few weeks here, and doing so is hard on a limited budget. Luckily, I have friends who are very resourceful and fun for is does not generally require a lot of cash. In addition, the slight complication has forced me to give myself a lot of the alone time I've craved to try and process much of what is going on this semester.

Which is a lot.

I have alot more to write about and will come back soon.
The topics shall include:

-spring break
-CHOSA, my volunteer project
-climbing table mountain
-trip to observatory
-saturdays at Old Biscuit Mill
-the seminar I've been taking here through ciee
-poetry class and the many references to american media
-the impact american rap music has had on many people's perceptions of the states from this vantage point.

etc etc
there is so much more