Friday, February 27, 2009


my SOLmate Ken, was talking about eating the other day. We were on our way to Mizoli's Meat, which is an outdoor African meat restaurant in the townships. He said, "no, no, you just eat it with your hands. There aren't forks and knives and all that, you just use your fingers, and you all eat out of the same bowl...It tastes better. There's something about it, all of you eating with your hands. I don't know, it's just how we do it in Africa."

Mizoli's was incredible. And yes, we all ate with our hands out of one huge platter of lamb or chicken. We found our way to the makeshift bathroom in the corner of the lot (that made up the restaurant) and washed our hands afterwards. I had to wash my face too because apparently when I get excited, I get food on my forehead. Who knew.

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  1. we went to a Jazz Garden last week where they pretty much just had steak and drinks, and we had to eat these big pieces of steak with our hands. No knives either, so we had to tear it apart. It took me back to my modern human roots.