Friday, February 20, 2009

what i think of kate and lesley while sitting next to them in cocoa wah wah on a friday afternoon

Kate is my friend from Cornell. I'm presuming she's intelligent because she goes there. she is on the shorter side, probably five three or so...with short blond hair and fiercely blue eyes. she went on a coffee date with this boy from Princeton the other night. she likes fathers. she and i share the same music library and appreciate the bird and the bee (that's a group, get your mind out of the gutter).

Lesley is me. essentially. she and i both love self deprecating humor. she has a mac book and loves cocoa mint crushes. she taught me the yeti call. Lesley does not like fathers. but she likes her own. she looks rockin in gladiator sandals. she is going to wear a navy racer back dress to my 21st birthday party. she has a really loud laugh and we finish pitchers of margaritas together at the fat cactus restaurant on Thursday nights. then we both go home alone. she taught herma, her host mother to use the phrase, "shut the front door." she also says "you're a crazy minx" a lot.

the end.

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